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For General Questions Regarding Your Account or Statement

Call MSN Healthcare Solutions at 1-800-475-6112.

If you have standard questions regarding your statement or if you need to know your account balance, please call MSN Healthcare Solutions at 1-800-475-6112, for all exams completed on or after 1/19/2015.

For exams completed before 1/19/2015: please contact IQMS at 1-866-761-0827 or 1-888-362-4635. 

For Accounts Sent to Our Collection Agencies

We make every attempt to work with patients to pay their balances in a timely manner. We only utilize third-party collection agencies as a last resort to obtain payment rightfully owed to us for the high quality services we provided.  If your account has been sent to one of our collection agencies, please work with them directly to resolve your balance before additional interest and penalties (including credit bureau reporting, administrative, and legal fees) occur.  You will find their phone number on the collection letters and invoices you receive.  Once an account is sent to our third party collections agency, the above billing companies and Johnson County Imaging are no longer involved in the payment process.

Debit/Credit Card Payment

Payment options when contacting the billing office include:

visa-logo-high-resolution Discover-logo mastercard-logo

Direct all payments and inquiries to:

Johnson County Imaging
P.O. Box 26571
Kansas City, MO 64196-6571

When submitting payment for services, please include the patient name and account number.

On-Line Bill Payment

If you had an Exam after 1/19/2015 access the link below to make a payment